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Financial Planning and Consulting

Financial planning is the backbone of any good asset management approach.  At Kelsey Financial we build you a financial plan that becomes the foundation on which your investment portfolio can thrive.  Our goal is to create a plan that considers all aspects of your and your family's financial health.  We also desire to educate you along the way so that you always have the clearest understanding of how your investments are working towards each of your unique financial goals.

Asset Management

With knowledge that comes from decades of asset management experience here at Kelsey Financial, we build portfolios for you that are designed to be suitable for various risk objectives.  We integrate your holistic financial picture into each portfolio in order to best manage your assets, always keeping your specific goals at the forefront.  We focus on creating a specific risk profile for you and your family.  We use a blend of active and passive management techniques with the goal of showing consistent value to our clients.

Third-Party Money Manager

Kelsey Financial can act as a Third-Party Money Manager for advisors looking to provide provide their clients with investment diversification.  Inquire with us directly for information on how we can bring a new investment perspective to you clients' assets. 

We also provide advice for our Financial Planning clients on any of their assets, regardless if they are with us or are 'held away.'  Such accounts include but are not limited to; Qualified IRA accounts, Pension Plans/401ks, Taxable accounts when held at other financial institutions. 

Variable Annuity Sub-Account Management

One of the more unique advisory services we offer is the management of variable annuity sub-accounts.  Ask us how!

Alternative Investment Management

For the most sophisticated investors looking for investment opportunities that are traditionally not correlated to the stock market, fee-based alternative investment management might reduce the front-loaded investment fees while shifting the fees to an annual, percentage-based structure of asset under management.